Regd. No. : 154/1992-1993
FCRA Regd. No. : 137230017
It also have 80G & 12A registration
"Do What We Must" motivates and guides the work of our team throughout the country.
We provide employment to 1000 women who work with us on a daily basis.
We work with 1000+ unpaid volunteers.
Mazid: My Horse is my Second Arm
VACM: Pradeep Kumar
Sahabad Block, Rampur
Bhartiya Gramin Vikas Sansthan Amroha (PEWU)
Mazid mansoori, a handicapped equine owner at Peer Brick klin has proved that great ideas originate in the muscles if you have courage and determination to become successful in life. Mazid is a landless 31 years old equine owner suffering with polio in left arm. He works at BK by his one hand for his only source of livelihood for his two kids and wife. BK owner Interacting on equine welfare with VO Rampur One day he was busy in his work with his horse, due to overloading his horse fell down and neck injured. Initially he treated his horse with traditional practices but failed to recover horse injury in neck. He called VACM at 7 pm for treatment. VACM rushed to his home as per the information given by the owner. VACM informed Vo about the problem. As per VO guidance, VACM treated equine with TT vaccination at Jagdamba BK VO PEWU Rampur had a transect walk with owner and briefed some key welfare full devotion and commitment which was the inspirational factor Mazid and his fellow friends. They called VACM to attend meeting at Peer Bk. VACM held a meeting with all equine owners at BK and briefed his objective in line with BI’s vision. Owners were much pleased with VCAM efforts where Mazid has the lead role to organize meeting and convince all owners to ensure active participation as per the VACM’s guidance. Mazid showed his interest when his fellow owners did PWNA exercise and identified various issues like interference , overloading , feeding , drinking water supply and saddlery. They developed plan of action for the welfare of their equines. At BK Mazid and his friends have adopted to use of tyre, salt mixed feed, proper supply of potable water to equine, reduced overloading and change in saddler practices . Mazid is happy with BI’s support on time which changed his life to work as a team at BK. Mazid discussed his concerns on mixed feed with his friend Lalla tekhedar to start preparation of mixed plan which is under process.