Regd. No. : 154/1992-1993
FCRA Regd. No. : 137230017
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Nusreen takes over Surra in Orangnagar khera
VACM: Umesh Kumar
Bilaspur Block, Rampur
Bhartiya Gramin Vikas Sansthan Amroha (PEWU)
Nusreen an illeterate female equine owner has become landmark to transform the equine’s health status of village Oranganagra khera with the help of her group members. During the commencement of VACM presence in village, expected response was not receive from equine owners sue to poor literacy and culturally sensitive community. Village is 55 km away from District head quarter Rampur with desperate condition of asphalted road. Village has 19 equine owners (24 equines) where majority are engaged in Brick Klin(BKC) activity. VACM Umseh kumar became successful after numerous motivational efforts to form a female equine group named Alihussain EWG with six female members where Nusreen has played significant contribution to oragnise group meeting. VACM’s in no way forgot to participate group meeting which is scheduled in second week of the month. He held several intensive rigorous discussion and training program with live demonstration of various diseases through chart and other IEC materials. At present six female members have amazing indulgent about colic, Surra and Tetanus which leads to reduced animal mortality in the village because of in the early hours detection of diseases which was not possible before project intervention. Training results observed subsequent month while Mr Umesh had a meeting in neighboring village Kanakpur which is around 3Km from Oranagar khera. VACM received a call from Nasreen. She told VACM concerning her horse sickness as per her acquired knowledge in group meeting which had some symptoms of surra like weakness, less appetitive. VACM rushed to the site and diagnose a Surra symptom which was true as per the Nusreen information. During his treatment process, VACM asked female owner to call neighboring owners to show surra symptoms like red spots on third eyelid of diseased horse which was undoubtedly visible to all owners. Male equine owners were surprised that Nusreen, an illiterate lady knows everything about horse disease. It was an eye opening incident to equine owners which finally leads to active participation of owners in future meeting. At present owners know very well about surra diagnosis and basic prevention strategies after the incident.