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VACM: Pradeep Kumar
Sahabad Block, Rampur
Bhartiya Gramin Vikas Sansthan Amroha (PEWU)
BK owner Interacting on equine welfare with VO Rampur On dated April 10, 2013 VACM Pradeep Kumar had planned for TT vaccination for Intensive village Khandeli equine’s (16 Equine) at extensive site Jagdamba BK at Dhakia in Sahabad Block of Rampur district. As usual he informed his daily visit plan to PM Rampur at 9.00 am. PM had decided to be apart of TT vaccination process with VO and PD Rampur. All team members reached at planned site around 10.30 pm. meantime owners were engaged in transporting Brick though PEWU staff made interaction with BK owner along with BK Munshi, and contractor. Equine welfare will be top priority.. Owner’s promise with IEC Material PEWU’s staff informed in detail about their visit objective. Team member’s focused their attention on Brooke history and fund raising strategy of Brook at global level. Based on Brooke’s history, donor contribution and regular interaction and devotion of Bhartiya Gramin Vikas Sansthan (PEWU) staff for equine welfare in Sahabad block, owner was surprised with staff efforts and contribution for the marginalized equine owning community in district Rampur. Owner Mr Sudhis Pandey was very impressed with staff and offered tea and snacks at his site. He asked PEWU staff to see every horse of his BK and suggest required assistance for the betterment of equines. TT vaccination at Jagdamba BK VO PEWU Rampur had a transect walk with owner and briefed some key welfare issues like wound, overloading, interference, tetanus, drinking water supply , and availability of green fodder and shelter. Owner was agreed to provide all kind of assistance and asked VO and VACM to accomplish TT vaccination of all horses and cost was incurred by the owner. Before vaccination process .all equine owners’ sit together under a tree for detail discussion on equine welfare issues .All twelve equines were vaccinated on spot and total cost 180 Rs was paid by BK owner. Owner has also made efforts to fill depths and make level surface of earth road condition and arranged drinking water facility for equines. BK owner support changed mind set of Khandeli equine owners to provide proper care and support of their equines as per the BI vision. Equine owners called VACM after one month for booster doze of TT and paid required cost of TT vaccination. Owners have started use of tire, some changes in cart and saddler practices to reduce wound at village level.