Regd. No. : 154/1992-1993
FCRA Regd. No. : 137230017
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Tiny Intellect Transform Equine Owner’s Stance
VACM: Nasresh Kumar
Milak Block, Rampur
Bhartiya Gramin Vikas Sansthan Amroha (PEWU)
Intensive site Chakia in Milak block of District Rampur is located 15 km in north on Rampur Kameri road which links to Bilaspur Nainital highway. VACM Naresh kumar held several meeting with equine owners on equine welfare issues but could not succeed to unite equine owners due to alcoholism practices amongst owners. One day he made an innovative strategy to meet with equine owner’s children during equine’s grazing time. He observed that one child Sonu (13 years) who has some extracurricular activity compare to other children. VACM facilitated Sonu and other children to glance their horse health status. Majority of horses have suffered with wound and treated by Sonu and other children with the help of VACM. VACM held various meeting, sessions on stable management practices, feeding practices and drinking water. Children Art competition held amongst children where Sonu won the first prize. Children art competition was a motivating factor for Sonu and his friend as well as their family members to understand tiny intellect thoughts and feelings on equine welfare issue. Sonu and his friend’s interest about equine welfare issues break the silence of adult owners to rethink VACM’s efforts. Now village Chakia owner’s participating actively in project activities and organize various training programs for neighboring villages equine owners. At present Sonu’s become role model for other children of equine owning family. Equine owners are thankful for BGVS Amroha efforts under equine welfare project in Chakia village at Rampur district .