Regd. No. : 154/1992-1993
FCRA Regd. No. : 137230017
It also have 80G & 12A registration
"Our Contact Details" +91 05922 252665, 9412474665
Women Health Programme
  • Community served:- Rural and urban community.

  • Objective:- Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Family Planning, Women health

  • Strategies:- Female Condom promotion, demonstration and distribution

  • Main outcomes:- Thousands of female using female condom, reducing STI, family planning, prevention of HIV/AIDS.

  • Evaluation methods employed:- Feed back from Front line health workers, peer educators.

  • Evaluation results:- 75% FSW change their high risk behaviour, 50 % FSW are using female condoms, 40 % newly married female adopting female condom as a family planning tool.